Vernon’s Front face is a independent video production company started by Philip J. and Adrian S. in early 2007 (formerly known as Poetic Front Face ltd). At VFF, the mission is simple, help clients achieve their communications and marketing objectives by use of video, whilst pursuing fresh ideas and creative outcomes.

This young and ambitious team is a perfect combination of technical know-how and creative strategic planning. VFF takes pride in the energy and enthusiasm that is applied to each and every project.

Creative energy is tremendously important in the world of corporate video, serving as the defining factor in making a production stand out from the rest. However, if it is not combined with the sufficient technical knowledge and ability,  the ideas may struggle to come across. Hence, the combination of these two attributes lie deep within the core of the Vernon’s Front Face philosophy.

The whole production process is managed and executed in-house, by the Vernon’s Front Face’s team. This ensures that the final product is delivered on-time and communicates with the viewer in a clear and effective manner.

Adrian S.; graduated with a degree in advertising from Central Saint Martins and has worked in various sectors of the media industry world-wide. Due to his mixed background, Adrian has had the opportunity to grow up between two powerful media cities, London and Los Angeles. He has 5 years of experience in marketing and advertising and has been involved in the promotion and planning of numerous independent media projects.

Philip J.; graduated with a First Class Degree with Honors in Advanced Media Production and has spent the last nine years professionally producing video and audio. Philipp has accumulated a vast collection of industry-grade studio equipment and his hands-on approach to learning has provided him with a technical edge rivalled by few, even established media veterans.