Video is an extremely powerful promotion and marketing tool for any modern business. VFF provide a full range of “end-to-end” video and audio solutions. From corporate video presentations and event coverage, to web videos for small businesses. VFF also provides one-on-one creative consultation in order to create an interesting, unique and well planned finished product.

We generally prefer to meet with our clients personally, however, due to the international nature of our business, we are fully set-up for interactive web-conferencing.

Using a highly mobile and well trained two-man crew, VFF is able to travel to you and your business and shoot quickly and effectively. We also deal with the entire process of professionally editing and distributing your companies videos.


VFF works across the entire production process; from creative concept forming, planning, shooting, post production to editing and finalizing the product.


Powered Plug-ins provide much needed processing power.



At VFF, communication with the client is a vital and integral part of the video production process. This ensures that the finished product is always consistent with the clients expectations and desires. Our process always begins with an off-camera meeting with the client, to fully understand the video’s purpose and what it should express. Using this approach, VFF appreciate and consistently exceed the expectations of the client.


Our studio is fuelled by London’s most powerful fibre-optic broadband internet solution available commercially. This provides us with a much needed back-bone to constantly keep our clients updated with the progress of our work no matter where on earth they are based.


“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”
- C.G Jung