A show-reel in media is a piece of audio/video that summarizes a visual body of work and provides viewers with a better idea of the creator’s technical and creative abilities.

Our show-reel will be updated periodically to more precisely reflect our level of expertise and to provide a summary of our clientèle.

Our reel is comprised of  a blend of our previous projects which include; corporate, commercial and music videos. We have segmented the show-reel video into the various fields we specialize in, these sections include; Corporate & Internal Communications, On-location & Event Shooting and Steadicam® & Creative Media.



Below is an embedded link to VFF’s latest show-reel:



Feel free to visit this page frequently, we will constantly be updating our show-reel to make sure our prospective clients have a precise insight into our current level of ability.

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“There is joy in work. There is no happiness except the realization that we have accomplished something”

- Henry Ford