VFF’s Central London studio is equipped with powerful, state-of-the-art video and editing equipment. Our current facility houses an acoustically treated sound studio which is used for narration, voice-overs and original score production.


“A craftsmen is only as good as his tools”


Our most recent set-up includes a variety of production equipment that combines both quality and mobility, these properties are vital in order to achieve professional results. Our studio and digital outfit cover every process of media production; from recording footage and source audio, to digitally manipulating the project in post production.

In order to match our high performance hardware, our editing suite is subsidized by countless powered plug-ins that provide much needed flexibility in the field of animation and post processing.


Our equipment is upgraded on a regular-basis.



Below is a list of the primary equipment that is at our disposal when we begin work on one of our projects:

· Intel Core i7 3960x - Powered industry-standard editing facility.

· Sony FS700 4k – High-speed production camera with full 4k Ultra HD sensor.

· Canon EOS 7d’s – Digital interchangable lens camera capable of shooting at 50 frames-per-second.

· Merlin Steadicam® – Advanced stabilization system.

· Tascam DS100′s – Digital field audio recorders.

· Rode NTG 2′s – Shotgun field microphones.

· DSP Hardware Plugins – For advanced video and audio effects.

· Litepanels LED Lighting System  - Low temperature and highly efficient LED production lights.

· On-Site Video & Photo Studio  - Chroma key colors (green screen) and conventional backdrops.

· Auralex 831 - Acoustically treated recording and audio production facility.